Designed to Endure the Harshest Working Environments!

Severe Duty
Solid X88

Severe Duty

Pneumatic X89





Severe Duty Pneumatic X88

PremiumRim Guard R4

Self Healing Flat Preventive Liner

Super Grip’s available self-healing liners increase uptime by withstanding punctures up to 1/4-in diameter.  Increased Productivity, Tire Life & Bottom-Line!


•  Extra Heavy Ply Construction

•  Thicker Body Design

•  More Rubber in the Tread

•  Deeper Tread Depth

•  Greater Tread Traction

•  Longer Tread Life

Longer wear and more gripping power throughout the life of the tire.

No matter if you operate on Mud, Snow, Gravel, Concrete or Asphalt…

...Super Grip has a tread design for your application.

Wide R4

Severe Duty

Pneumatic X88

Severe Duty

Pneumatic X89

Severe Duty

Solid X88

Premium R4

Super Grip skid steer tires are designed to be far superior to the competition.  These tires are produced with an extra-heavy ply construction.  Load carrying capacity is always critical, however, impact and bruise resistance is equally important.


These skid steer tires can endure severe conditions due to their thicker body design and more rubber in the structure.  Thicker treads than other brand name tires result in longer wear and more gripping power throughout the life of the tire.   Heavier sidewall construction enables these tires to endure the harshest conditions your equipment may encounter.

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