Quality, Durability and Deep Tread Design for Superior Traction

Designed for the harshest and most abrasive environments!

Advanced Footprint Shape - The flatter profile provides  increased surface contact and distributes the stress more evenly for longer, more uniform wear.

Debris Rejector Grooves - Helps prevent stones and other small debris from damaging the tread.

Superior Traction - The unique tread pattern provides increased traction while decreasing the rolling resistance. Less resistance means fuel savings and less overall wear.

Deep Tread Design - Gives the tire a much longer usable tread life especially in highly abrasive environments.

Sidewall Rubber - Revolutionary tread rubber compound extends through 100% of the tire thickness to rim base.

Increased Stability - New tread design and a superior rubber compound gives more stability, less rocking and improved cornering.

We strive to produce tires that have little to no downtime, because downtime means loss of income for our customers.

                                                                                               Super Grip Tires

The Super Grip Eliminator tires have been tested at LOWE’S® distribution centers for 3 years.  These tires were proven to last up to 3X longer than conventional solids, thereby drastically lowering the overall tire cost on an hour-per-hour basis.  Not only does the Eliminator last longer, they do it while providing a smoother ride and increased stability when handling wide and heavy loads.

Getting the most out of your investment is the key to a successful business.  Every company wants to save money.  Why spend your hard earned dollars on lesser quality tires that have added costs…downtime, press-fees, trip-charges, etc…associated with them? Eliminator tires are very competitively priced with conventional solids, but roll in a class of their own when Total Cost of Ownership is considered.


Remove the old tire


Replace with the Eliminator

Resume productivity

No Press Man Needed!

Tire performance is ultimately measured when it is removed from service...

How Long Did It Last?

The LONGEST TREAD LIFE in the industry compared

to standard OEM solid tires... That’s REAL VALUE!


Solid Tread Tire



Hours Later


 • Eliminates costly downtime due to the quick change design

 • Eliminates high costs of replacing worn OEM wheels

 • Eliminates waiting for a tire change appointment

 • Eliminates the need for a costly press truck

 • Eliminates the need for a specially trained press man

 • Eliminates the need for a costly tire press

 • Eliminates trip charges and travel time for the press man

 • Eliminates heat build up under heavy loads and long runs

 • Eliminates disposal costs since tire is 100% recyclable

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